Our Mission

Columbia Vantage Point Foundation Vision Statement

Connected to Columbia and Howard County, the Columbia Vantage Point Foundation is forward thinking in providing stability and enhancing the lives of Vantage Point residents in a stimulating and caring environment.

Columbia Vantage Point Foundation Mission Statement

Raise funds to: 1) continuously enhance current resident quality of life meeting their unique and evolving needs; and 2) build endowments for the future to help financially sustain residents, and strengthen the community.

Columbia Vantage Point Foundation Core Values:
  • Empowered Connection: We continually seek to provide resources that empower residents to remain connected within Vantage Point, as well as with the greater community.
  • Forward Thinking: We are constantly seeking ways to enhance the quality of residents' lives allowing for continued independence, personal growth and financial stability.
  • Stewardship: We are responsible and conscientious guardians of our resources and assets for the benefit of the residents and the greater community.